Harry Judd wants three kids

Harry Judd wants a "minimum" of three kids - but his wife Izzy isn't as keen.

Harry Judd wants three kids

Harry Judd wants a "minimum" of three kids.

The McFly drummer and his wife Izzy welcomed their first child, daughter Lola, into the world in late January and after becoming completely besotted with the little one the stickman is keen to make a few more additions to their brood.

He said: "Izzy used to say she wanted three or four children and I was like, 'No way.'

"Now Izzy is like, 'Just one more' and I'm saying minimum three. Being a dad just feels right.

"It feels quite natural. It is the best thing ever."

Izzy suffered a miscarriage before falling pregnant with Lola thanks to fertility treatment after the couple - who married in 2012 - struggled to conceive naturally, and Harry admits it's tough for his wife to talk about.

He said: "It really is so much harder for Izzy to go through. It's a very dark place.

"During the whole thing my mum said to me, 'You've been very lucky in life but this time you may have to be a bit more patient.' But I still feel very lucky."

She added to Britain's HELLO! magazine: "It's such a personal thing to talk about. But we've had some gorgeous feedback and I've heard from women who said they were going through IVF and are now pregnant."

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