Harry Styles keeps fans guessing about Perfect inspiration

Harry Styles has refused to confirm or deny that One Direction song 'Perfect', which he co-wrote with Louis Tomlinson, was inspired by his ex Taylor Swift.

Harry Styles keeps fans guessing about Perfect inspiration

Harry Styles is keeping fans guessing about the meaning behind 'Perfect'.

When asked if the song - which he co-wrote with bandmate Louis Tomlinson and which includes lyrics such as 'If you're looking for someone to write your break-up songs about, baby I'm perfect' - refers to his ex Taylor Swift, Harry insisted people can interpret it however they want.

He said: "Obviously, you write a lot of stuff from personal experience, but it doesn't necessarily have to be so literal. People can interpret a lot of different things in different ways. And I'm not going to tell someone it's not about what they think it's about, because I think the whole point is - it's about whatever it means to you."

Taylor's song 'Style' is widely believed to have been inspired by her brief relationship with Harry in 2012.

Meanwhile, bandmate Niall Horan insisted they are not in competition with Justin Bieber, despite releasing their record 'Made in the AM' on the same day as Justin's 'Purpose'.

He told ET Canada: "We've had albums come out at the same time as Rihanna. I just think it's been made into a big deal online with the whole Beliebers and the Directioners thing - they love a battle and stuff - but it's fine, there's really no competition... We've worked hard on our album and we just want people to go up and get it. And we hope they enjoy it, because we enjoyed making it."

And Louis revealed the group - which also includes Liam Payne - bonded together over Zayn Malik's shock departure in March.

He said: "I think in any field of work when you lose someone on your team, obviously, it's hard, but the positive take on the situation is we felt we definitely got closer as a group. We sat down and spoke about it - this is something we all still want to do, so in the end we actually bonded together tighter, I think."

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