Heather Graham tackles sexism in Hollywood

Heather Graham has spoken about sexism in Hollywood, insisting it's entirely unfair that men are given more opportunities than women in the industry.

Heather Graham tackles sexism in Hollywood

Heather Graham says Jennifer Lawrence is "great".

Jennifer, 25, has enjoyed a huge rise to fame in recent years thanks to her roles in 'The Hunger Games' franchise, and has also been incredibly vocal about issues she thinks are most important - such as sexism in Hollywood.

And while Heather praised Jennifer for tackling such debates, she insisted the actress' success is the exception rather than the rule.

Heather said: "Of course, Jennifer Lawrence is a total exception. She's great. She has this whole 'Hunger Games' [series], it's so popular. But I think those are the exception, rather than the rule.

"I think that's wonderful that that exists, but if you look at the absolute numbers, it's the exception. And if you look at the numbers of female directors in Hollywood, it's 7 percent ... so that's not good."

Heather has herself had a successful career, with roles in films such as 'The Hangover' under her belt.

But she acknowledges that as films continue to be made, there are so many more roles for men than for women.

She continued during a chat with HuffPost Live: "If you look at it, the amount of roles available for men and the amount for women, it's just a massive difference. There's just so many more opportunities for men, and it's just kind of a Hollywood thing where they believe men can headline movies but women can't.

"There are a few, small number of women that they think might be able to, [but] there's a total sexism in Hollywood. Why do you think there are not more movies made with female leads?"

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