Hulk Hogan hoped WWE would give him another chance

Wrestling icon Hulk Hogan has revealed he wishes WWE bosses had suspended him from the company rather than making the decision to terminate his contract following his racism controversy.

Hulk Hogan hoped WWE would give him another chance

Hulk Hogan wishes WWE bosses had suspended him instead of terminating his contract because they know he's "not a racist".

The 62-year-old grappling icon was fired by World Wrestling Entertainment - the company he helped turn into a household name - in July this year after transcripts from a secretly recorded sex tape, dating back to 2007, revealed him using the N-word to describe his daughter Brooke's then-boyfriend.

Hogan accepts his behaviour on the tape was wrong but had hoped WWE would have given him a chance to make amends.

Asked how he feels about WWE's decision to remove all mention of him from its website in the wake of his firing, he said: "It was business. I understand they're a public company - and with a political correctness vibe in the air, I understand why they've removed all mentions of me. I don't think they're right, the WWE knows me better than anybody and they know I'm not racist. So I wish they had taken a different choice of action, such as suspension."

Hogan - whose real name is Terry Bollea - is adamant the words he used on the tape are not reflective of who is as a person, as he was battling depression at the time the recording was made and had a number of personal troubles, which included the break-up of his 24-year marriage to Linda Hogan, who filed for divorce in November 2007.

He added: "This whole racist rant or these comments - not to make light of them - but the people who have been supportive of me look at them more like just a mess-up, or a bad day and they know that's not me."

Meanwhile, Hogan - who is coming to the UK on November 14 for special 'Evening With Hulk Hogan' Q&A - also admitted he's a big Twitter enthusiast, even though he frequently gets "tricked" on the social network.

In an interview with the Metro newspaper, he said: "Twitter is great for getting yourself out there and having fun with fans. The people who put fake tweets up and share different pictures - well, I get tricked on a daily basis.

"I'm just trying to help people and try to be kind to people, so if I make a mistake, I don't feel bad because I know my intentions are good. I know I've retweeted pictures of people who weren't fans or people's parents when they told me they were."

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