Idris Elba's future plans

Idris Elba says he could end up become a travelling folk singer in the future.

Idris Elba's future plans

Idris Elba wants to become a "travelling folk singer".

The 43-year-old actor, DJ and fashion designer said he can see himself eventually ending up working in the music industry rather than as an actor.

Idris - who was sleeping in a van and working as a doorman before finding fame - explained: "I will probably become a travelling folk singer. Just put out albums every now and again. I'm not even joking."

Idris has two children, daughter Isan, 13, from his former marriage and son Winston, 17 months, with partner Naiyana Garth and despite his hectic career, he couldn't be closer to his kids.

He said: "My relationship with my children is very, very strong, considering I'm never home."

Meanwhile, Idris admitted he is sick of speculation he could be the next James Bond.

He told The Times Magazine: "I have nothing to say on Bond. I sometimes slip into a conversation about it and I get quoted again and it looks like I'm always talking about it. I'm over it."

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