Iggy Azalea's record label won't allow Zillion music video

Iggy Azalea has been told by her label Virgin/EMI that she can't make a music video for her song 'Zillion' because they don't think it's "good enough".

Iggy Azalea's record label won't allow Zillion music video

Iggy Azalea's record label have told her she can't make a video for her song 'Zillion'.

The 'Fancy' singer reached out to her fans on Twitter and told them Virgin/EMI won't allow her to make a music video for the "buzz track" that she dropped online as a teaser for her next album because they didn't think it was "good enough".

Iggy posted a series of tweets which read: "Bad news update:my record label Virgin/EMI seems to feel the response to my viral record "zillon" wasnt good enough & im not allowed a video ... I felt like it was dope so, whatever. ted cockle doesn't wanna see me shine. what can i say (sic)"

Although the 25-year-old rapper is disappointed by her label's reaction she is going to remain "mildly professional" but if she needs to she'll drive around Los Angeles playing her album full blast if she can't get her music out any other way.

She wrote on the social media site: "Anyhow i could say ALOT - but ill keep it mildly professional. Just wanted to let some of you guys asking know whats happening. If all else fails ill just drive around LA and play my new album really loudly every monday from 4-6pm hahaha (sic)"

Iggy has confirmed the name of her second album is 'Digital Distortion' and it is due to be released sometime this year.

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