Iggy Azalea's wedding struggles

Iggy Azalea's fiancé Nick Young has revealed the couple are finding wedding planning a "nightmare".

Iggy Azalea's wedding struggles

Iggy Azalea's fiancé is finding wedding planning a "nightmare".

The 'Fancy' hitmaker is set to tie the knot soon and her fiancé Nick Young has revealed they are finding it "tough" getting things prepared for the big day.

He told Billboard magazine: "Whew, a nightmare in its own. I think we should go to the courthouse. It's tough, it takes a lot of time and compromising and arguing but eventually the women always win. I think [wedding days] should just be women's day."

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old rapper previously revealed she has set a time and place for the wedding and is keen for a string quartet to perform.

She said: "I haven't done the dress yet. I've done the photographer, the date and the place. My stepmother, she plays the cello, so I just think that string instruments are so beautiful. Whatever it is, it has to be string instruments - they always make everybody cry.

"I had a feeling before he proposed because he kept saying drunkenly, 'If I asked you to marry me right now, would you say yes? Would you? Would you?' I was like, 'I feel like he is going to probably propose to me and he's trying to make sure I'm definitely going to say yes.'"

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