Imagine Dragons on their most 'vulnerable' album

Imagine Dragons prefer performing the songs on their forthcoming LP 'Smoke + Mirrors' live compared to their debut album, because the songs feel more "real" to their situation now.

Imagine Dragons on their most 'vulnerable' album

Imagine Dragons feel 'Smoke + Mirrors' is their most "emotional and vulnerable" album.

The 'Radioactive' hitmakers believe their forthcoming second studio album, which is set for release next month, feels more "real" to perform live than their 2012 debut because it is based on hard-hitting emotional matters they've battled.

Frontman Dan Reynolds said: "It's just a really emotional album and vulnerable. For me, it made it more real every night to be able to get on stage. I didn't feel like I had to perform. It came easier because I was able to get behind the songs and the lyrics because they were real things that I was going through.

"Whereas with 'Night Visions', I wrote that over four years, so sometimes songs didn't feel relevant to me anymore. 'Smoke + Mirrors' just translated particularly well live because of the vulnerability of the album."

And the handsome singer thinks recording 'Smoke + Mirrors' during live sessions makes the album extra "special" because it adds a different "dynamic".

He told Rolling Stone magazine: "This record in particular was a special record to all of us. It translated well live just because it's a really dynamic album. Like, 'Night Visions' was really fun to play live, but I don't feel like it translated as well live as 'Smoke + Mirrors' did, particularly because we tracked a lot of this album live. A lot of the songs were just played as a band in a studio as opposed to 'Night Visions' [where] a lot of it was just kind of put together."

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