Jack Black reveals ghostly dreams

'Goosebumps' star Jack Black has revealed seeing a ghost is on his bucket list.

Jack Black reveals ghostly dreams

Jack Black is desperate to see a ghost before he dies.

The 'Goosebumps' actor - who plays R.L Stine, the creator of spooky book series, in the movie - admitted he was more wary of girls than ghouls during his younger years and would still love to see a spirit and a UFO before he meets his maker.

He said: "I never saw a ghost when I was a kid. I was more scared of girls.

"I'd have loved to have seen a ghost.

"It's on my bucket list: 'See a ghost.' It's right behind: 'See a UFO.' "

The 46-year-old star has always been interested in the paranormal and once played a prank on his pals using a Ouija board.

He added to SFX magazine: "One time I invited a few of my friends over for a Ouija board experiment.

"I had rigged the whole room with little invisible wires that I would pull to make it seem like spirits were in the room.

"That was my deal. I was kind of a charlatan.

"I always wanted to make the other kids think that magic was real."

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