Jackie Collins' home for sale for 30m

Jackie Collins' Beverly Hills estate has been put up for sale for $30 million.

Jackie Collins' home for sale for 30m

Jackie Collins' Beverly Hills home is on sale for $30 million.

The palatial pad - designed by the late author and built in 1992 - is set in a one-acre estate and has eight bedrooms, a screening room, gym, pool and an art gallery.

Jackie previously revealed the house was inspired by David Hockney's painting 'A Bigger Splash'.

She said: "I couldn't take my eyes off the pool and fell in love with the clean lines, suspended splash and overall tranquility. Within days, I was sketching a design for a new home that wrapped around a pool based on the one in the painting."

Jackie, 77, died in September after a six-year secret battle with breast cancer, and her sister Joan Collins revealed she "cries four times a day" over the loss.

She said: "God, I can't think about it. I still cry three or four times a day ... we were so close. I loved her so much. She was a wonderful woman."

The 82-year-old actress previously paid tribute to the legendary author, admitting she "wasn't just a star" but "an entire galaxy".

Taking to her official website to recall the moment Jackie revealed she had breast cancer, she wrote: "My voice was so choked with tears I could hardly speak. She explained that since we spent so much time in Europe while she was in LA, she knew I would be worried but there would be nothing I could do.

"That was typical of my sister. She always put other people, particularly family, ahead of herself. After we hung up we called two of her daughters, Tiffany and Rory, and they verified that they had been taking their mother for treatments for over five years."

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