Jahmene: New album feels like true debut

Jahmene has promised his new album will showcase his true talent as an R&B artist.

Jahmene: New album feels like true debut

Jahmene thinks his new album is his true "first debut".

The 2012 'X Factor' runner-up is close to finishing his second LP after a three-year hiatus from the music industry.

Jahmene is still disappointed with his 2013 album 'Love Never Fails' because it was made up entirely of cover versions and he says his upcoming single 'Down For Love', which is out on November 6, showcases his true sound.

Jahmene told BANG Showbiz: "I feel like this is the first debut of Jahmene. I've just been really working on me and what I wanted. The first album I didn't get to showcase who I am or what my sound is.

"My first album I recorded most of it in a week. Whereas this one it's been over the course of three years so you have more of a journey with the sound. I always think that when you make your album you should be inspiring yourself as you go. I always say my referencing for this album was 'My Love Is Your Love' by Whitney Houston. It's got the perfect balance of the up-tempos and the ballads. But I love people like Erika Badu and Lauren Hill."

The 24-year-old singer hooked up with a number of songwriters for the LP and he thinks he's finally got the "right" team around him.

The album - to be released this December - is steeped in R&B but his first single features a grime hook.

He said: "I've been working with Andrea Martin. Andrea's done 'Don't Let Go' for En Vogue. I'm trying to get the right type of team around me and I feel like I've been blessed. It's just exciting. Much different to the first album."

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