Jaime King: I have a 'family of 10 billion'

Jaime King insists she has a "family of ten billion" because she considers her close friends to be part of her family too.

Jaime King: I have a 'family of 10 billion'

Jaime King has a "family of ten billion".

The 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' actress doesn't just consider her immediate relations - her husband Kyle Newman and sons, 4-month-old Leo Thames and two-year-old James Knight - to be her family but the couple's close friends too.

She said: "We're the true version of a modern family - a family of ten billion. It's not really just me, James Knight, Leo Thames and Kyle. It's also like ... all of our friends ... [and] the people that are closest to me ... they're all family.

"It's more like, the more, the merrier and we believe that by [Leo Thames and James Knight] being by people that love them - and are creative and expressive - that that's the most exciting thing."

The 36-year-old actress also shared some of the activities the four of them enjoy doing including dance classes and trips to Disneyland.

She told PEOPLE magazine: "We love going on hikes ... [and] we love anything with water because [James Knight] is obsessed with water. If he could literally drink out of the hose; and bathe in water; and swim in water; and then go from a bath, to then a pool, then a bath to the pool, then a bath to the pool; then drink more water - that's all he would do all day long ... He loves water.

"He loves to dance so we'll all go to dance class with him. We love to go to Disneyland. We love dancing and singing, putting on music and musicals and playing with makeup - and doing anything and everything [with] artistry and crafts. We all do it together and that's the fun thing."

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