Jaime Winstone: My dad Ray can't wait to be a granddad

Pregnant Jaime Winstone has revealed her actor dad Ray Winstone is very excited about becoming a grandfather for the first time and is hoping she has a boy.

Jaime Winstone: My dad Ray can't wait to be a granddad

Jaime Winstone's father Ray Winstone "can't wait" to become a grandfather.

The 'Made in Dagenham' actress is six months pregnant with her first child with her boyfriend James Suckling and she admits her actor dad - famous for his tough guy roles - and her mum Elaine are as excited as her about the baby's arrival.

When asked how Ray, 58, feels about becoming a granddaddy for the first time on 'Lorraine', Jaime said: "He just can't wait. We're hoping for a little boy maybe but we don't know. My parents are super excited, we all are. It's a massive blessing."

Jaime - who has two sisters Lois and Jaime - has been feeling great throughout her pregnancy so far and thinks the baby has come at exactly the right time in her life.

She said: "I feel great. It's a nice stage in my life. I'm 30 and was starting to think about taking my career in a bit more of a serious direction but weirdly it planned out to to be exactly what I wanted. It's great."

Jaime - who is starring in new sitcom 'After Hours' - recently admitted she's convinced she's having a son because all of her DJ boyfriend's family "are boys".

She said: "James' family are all boys and I've suffered with morning sickness which is meant to be a sign, I'm convinced it's a little boy in there!"

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