Jake Gyllenhaal's boxing 'wake up'

Jake Gyllenhaal says he "woke up" when he was hit in the face during filming for 'Southpaw'.

Jake Gyllenhaal's boxing 'wake up'

Jake Gyllenhaal "wakes up" when he's hit in the face.

The 'Southpaw' actor - who stars as a boxer in his latest movie - has admitted he didn't mind being punched for his role.

He said: "I got hit pretty hard in the face. All the producers ran [over]. I don't think out of real worry for me, but just the fact that we were only two weeks into shooting.

"There is something jarring about being hit in the face. I don't know how to explain it. It wakes me up."

Whilst the 34-year-old star understands it would be "initial instinct" to move away, he learnt moving towards his aggressor was the right course of action.

He explained: "Your initial instinct is to lean out. It's the instinct to lean in that took me five months.

"Hitting someone - I don't have as much of a problem with that."

Meanwhile, Jake's co-star Rachel McAdams - who watched the Hollywood star get "pummelled" during filming - has admitted she was "very worried" about him.

She told Details magazine: "They were always playing hardball - there was never any letting up.

"I was very worried for him, but I knew he had it under control."

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