Jake Roche 'can't afford an engagement ring'

Rixton singer Jake Roche has claimed he "can't afford" to propose to his girlfriend, Little Mix star Jesy Nelson.

Jake Roche 'can't afford an engagement ring'

Jake Roche "can't afford" to propose to his girlfriend Jesy Nelson.

The 22-year-old lead vocalist of the band Rixton was rumoured to be preparing to propose to the 23-year-old Little Mix singer, but Jake has joked that his lack of money means he won't be getting down on one knee anytime soon.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "There are engagement rumours but at the minute I can't afford a hot meal, let alone a ring!"

Earlier this week, meanwhile, Jake joked that he only lasts "five minutes" in bed with Jesy.

He revealed: "I heard sex was really good for keeping fit but it doesn't kick in till after 15 minutes, so I'm f***ed!

"Five minutes and I'm done. No cardio for me, boys. I get exhausted just taking my trousers off."

The 'Me And My Broken Heart' hitmaker also admitted he enjoys being hit on by gay guys, saying he takes it as a "compliment".

Jake said: "It's a bit of an honour. The other day, a gay couple looked at us all and checked us out, and it was such a compliment. I kind of got a bit giddy, really.

"I'm such a t**t."

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