Jake Roche praises 'nice' Justin Bieber

Jake Roche thinks Justin Bieber is a "nice chap" and has changed a lot in the last year.

Jake Roche praises 'nice' Justin Bieber

Jake Roche thinks Justin Bieber is a "nice chap".

The Rixton frontman had the chance to hang out with the 'Sorry' hitmaker during a turbulent period where the Canadian singer's wild partying was generating more headlines than his music, and despite the controversy which surrounded him at the time, the 23-year-old star got on well with him.

When asked what he thought of the 'Beauty and the Beat' singer , Jake said: "We always made a pact if we were asked about someone who has not been nice to us, we'd always tell the truth.

"Hand on heart, he is a nice chap. Every time we see him, he's been down to us. We were there when he was doing the whole London thing, and when he was getting bad press over here."

Justin has made a number of apologies about his past antics and vowed to be a better person, and Jake thinks there is a huge shift in who he is now.

He said: "From seeing him now, there is a big difference. He is more aware now. He is a good lad."

Meanwhile, the 'Me and My Broken Heart' hitmaker is stunned by his own success and growing used to fame.

He told BANG Showbiz: "Being out with Bieber is surreal, especially for us.

" We had no idea what we were signing up to. But, It's slowly taking off.

"I think our main thing is not to take yourself too seriously and have a lot of fun. Longevity is what we want."

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