James Bay's 'overwhelming' Grammy nominations

James Bay has admitted it was "overwhelming" being nominated for no less than three Grammy Awards.

James Bay's 'overwhelming' Grammy nominations

James Bay finds it "overwhelming" that he's up for three Grammy Awards.

The 25-year-old British singer-songwriter has enjoyed a huge rise to fame since the release of his smash hit single 'Hold Back the River' and now is competing for Best New Artist, Best Rock Album and Best Rock Song at the ceremony.

Of the nominations, he said: That's a mad thing. It's just a really mad reality - it's overwhelming."

The Grammy nominations are the latest sign that James has well and truly cracked America. He has been touring the States for the past couple of months, and finds it unbelievable to hear his own lyrics being sung back to him when he performs there.

He told Radio X: "It's amazing - it's the best kind of freaky. It's just incredible. Especially for me at the moment, my album has been out for seven or eight months and I've been touring there ... It's a mad thing because that was my second tour that we just finished there.

"Even on my first tour there, which was three or four months after the album came out, there were lots of people singing the words. This time there were more people and even more energy of them singing the words to all the songs on the album. It's surreal and wonderful to be in another country like that, far away ... It's still a bit [daunting]. It's a mad place and wonderful and it has all of its own particular things that you don't necessarily get anywhere else."

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