James Corden: My life is insane

British TV presenter James Corden has admitted he thinks his life is "insane".

James Corden: My life is insane

James Corden thinks his life is "insane".

The 37-year-old TV host is currently presenting 'The Late Late Show' in the US, and admits he struggles to believe some of the things he's done as part of his new role.

Reflecting on the popular Carpool Karaoke skits, in which he harmonizes with various musicians, James said: "It is ridiculous to find yourself in a car singing along with Stevie Wonder. It is insane that this could be my life.

"No one wanted to do Carpool Karaoke until I played a tape of me singing in a car with George Michael to someone from Mariah Carey's label. Mariah is a huge fan of his, so she agreed to do it. I feel very lucky."

James said he simply feels fortunate to be in the presence of such talented people.

He told The Big Issue magazine: "Rehearsing the bits where we recount a person's film career, spending an afternoon with Tom Hanks or Matt Damon, is also incredible.

"Doing an original sketch with Mel Brooks was a highlight. These things are very, very lovely. You don't ever think that you would be in the presence of those people."

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