James McCartney's 'cathartic' album

James McCartney admits it was "cathartic" working on his latest album, 'The Blackberry Train'.

James McCartney's 'cathartic' album

James McCartney found working on his new album "cathartic".

The 38-year-old musician - who is the son of Beatles star Paul McCartney - believes his new LP, titled 'The Blackberry Train', is an "evolution".

He said: "It's all been an evolution. This set of songs definitely has a harder edge, but it's a continuation of the last album. The main thing for me is to not conform or compromise.

"I like the music to have elements of the avant-garde, psychedelic, and be just a little against the grain. But in the end, it's about having as much emotion as possible for me, musically and lyrically. It's all about the music being cathartic, heartfelt and true."

The opening track of James' album, 'Too Hard', can be downloaded instantly if the album is pre-ordered.

Of the track, he shared: "I wrote it in Los Angeles, and tried to infuse it with a country feel to really bring out that desperation, and the idea of trying too hard.

"Dhani Harrison came into the studio and we both collaborated on the guitar solo in the song."

The Blackberry Train will be released on May 6 and fans can preorder the album now on JamesMcCartney.com.

The Blackberry Train - full track listing:

1. Too Hard

2. Unicorn

3. Waterfall

4. Paralysis

5. Ballerina

6. Peyote Coyote

7. Fantasy

8. Alice

9. Ring a Ring O'Roses

10. Prayer

11. Peace and Stillness

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