Jamie Lee Curtis is Emma Roberts' mentor

Jamie Lee Curtis has been helping Emma Roberts on the set of their new series 'Scream Queens.'

Jamie Lee Curtis is Emma Roberts' mentor

Jamie Lee Curtis has become Emma Roberts' mentor.

The 24-year-old actress has reportedly embraced a more down-to-earth attitude after forming a close bond with her 'Scream Queens' co-star on the set of the new series.

A source said: "Emma looks up to Jamie Lee. But after Jamie Lee saw Emma being snotty to the crew and showing up late, she sat her down for a talking to."

The chat is said to have worked like a charm and the blonde beauty has been very polite and punctual since.

The insider added to Star magazine: "I think [creator] Ryan Murphy knew what he was doing casting Jamie Lee on 'Scream Queens'. She's not only a great actress, she's had a positive effect on Emma. She's her mentor."

Emma recently admitted she was relieved Jamie Lee accepted the role alongside her.

She said: "The show wouldn't work without Jamie. She's what inspired Murphy to do the show in the first place."

But the 56-year-old star revealed she almost turned down the opportunity to reignite her acting career because the series is shot in New Orleans and she was worried about spending too much time away from husband Christopher Guest and her children, Tom, 19, and Annie, 28, in Los Angeles.

She said: "I'm the mom. I texted Ryan and said, 'Mom can't go away for a year. I love my man, my posse of women and my kids. It's a beautiful life."

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