Jennifer Lopez has no advice for Kelly Clarkson

Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. don't think Kelly Clarkson will need their advice when she returns to 'American Idol' as a guest judge.

Jennifer Lopez has no advice for Kelly Clarkson

Jennifer Lopez won't give Kelly Clarkson any advice about judging 'American Idol'.

The 'On the Floor' hitmaker insists the 'Breakaway' singer - who was the first-ever winner of the talent show - doesn't need any help when she joins her on the panel as a guest judge tonight (25.02.16).

She said: "Advice? Hell no! I think she knows exactly what this is all about. She was the first Idol. She's watched 15 seasons of it now."

And fellow judge Harry Connick Jr. thinks he'll be able to learn a lot from the 33-year-old star.

He said: "She's going to be great. I'm going to sit back and just listen, because if anyone knows how to judge on 'American Idol' it would have to be her.

"She was there the first year; she went through from the very first day all the way to winning it. She's had so many hits over the years.

"'American Idol' is so lucky that she was able to come back and contribute like that."

Harry was in the audience when Kelly won 'Idol' in 2002 and will "never forget" the experience.

He recalled to E! News: "I was shooting 'Will and Grace' at the time in LA and Debra Messing and I went to the finale.

"I'll never forget that. That was when the show was just starting to catch on and people were starting to become obsessed with it. To be in the house when that happened, that's a fond memory for me."

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