Jennifer Lopez's 'best shows' will take place in Vegas

Jennifer Lopez is convinced she will perform some of her "best shows" during her Las Vegas residency as she is free to be as creative as she wants.

Jennifer Lopez's 'best shows' will take place in Vegas

Jennifer Lopez believes her "best shows" will take place during her Las Vegas residency.

The 'On The Floor' hitmaker - who has just started her run of shows at Axis, Planet Hollywood - thinks fans that attend one of her performances will be in awe of all of her sets and creative ideas.

She said: "All your creative ideas get pared back, little by little, because it gets very expensive to put everything on a boat to China or Australia.

"In Vegas, though, you're in one place, so I get to dream - the ideas I have [for sets] can come to life in a way they never have before. That's why some of the best shows are in Vegas."

The 46-year-old singer-and-actress also loves the "intimacy" of performances on the Strip.

She added: "I'm not as gifted a vocalist as some of the girls out there, but I know I communicate.

"It's a much more intimate experience, and it's about real performers. Not everybody can really do that."

And Jennifer has promised fans they are in for a great treat as she will always "give it all" she has.

She told The Independent newspaper: "I want [the show] to be a high-energy, Bronx kind of block-party. The most exciting shows make you dance, and scream and jump up and down. I want people to really let loose. It's always been my approach to performing, to work, to everything I do in life: I give it all I have."

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