Jess Glynne has dated a woman

'Hold My Hand' singer Jess Glynne has confessed to having a relationship with another woman, who broke her heart.

Jess Glynne has dated a woman

Jess Glynne has confessed she's had a relationship with a woman.

The 'Hold My Hand' hitmaker - who first shot to fame on the song 'Rather Be' with Clean Bandit - has revealed for the first time she has had romances with men and women and has admitted the first girl she ever fell in love with broke her heart and left her in a "dark place".

Recalling the moment she landed her record deal in August 2013, she revealed to ES Magazine: "I was actually broken-hearted. She just f***ed me over. It was the first girl I'd ever fallen in love with. I've never said that to anyone. It was a relationship that was so new to me. Someone I met working."

Jess is adamant she doesn't want to define her sexuality right now and instead wants to leave romance alone and just focus on her music career, with her debut album, 'I Cry When I Laugh', being released this August.

She said: "I don't know what I want now - to be with a guy, with a girl, be with anyone. I'm so content with just doing this and seeing where it all takes me."

Although she doesn't want to label herself as gay, straight or bisexual, Jess will be embracing the LGBT community this summer as she is set to perform at this year's Brighton Pride festival on August 1.

The pop star also revealed her biggest inspiration is the late Amy Winehouse - who, like, Jess is Jewish and tackled heartbreak and relationships in her music.

Before embarking on her career, Jess, 25, was worried at first that she would be viewed as an Amy-clone because of the similarities.

Talking about when Amy first started singing, Jess thought: "I'm f***ed - another North London Jew with similar influences."

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