Jess Glynne heard Adele's 25 being recorded

Jess Glynne got to eavesdrop and listen to Adele recording her latest album '25' from the studio next door back in October.

Jess Glynne heard Adele's 25 being recorded

Jess Glynne heard Adele's LP '25' being recorded while rehearsing in the studio next door.

The 'Hold My Hand' hitmaker was "in awe" when she got to hear the 'Hello' singer running through her comeback songs in the recording room right next to hers in October and was excited when she heard the finished record a month later.

She said: "My favourite track is 'Water Under The Bridge'.

"We were rehearsing in the same studios not so long ago. I was rehearsing for the MTV EMAs and she was literally next door. I was running outside and in awe just listening. That was the song that caught my ear, and then I got to hear it on the record."

And the 26-year-old singer got to meet Adele, 27, on that day when she was practising for her performance in Milan and said she was "very lovely".

Asked if she got to meet Adele, she said: "Yeah I did actually. It was quite cool. It sounded amazing live. I met her that day and she was very lovely."

Elsewhere, the flame-haired singer - who has cited Amy Winehouse as an influence - has made a touching tribute to the late 'Rehab' singer and said she gave her the "hope and drive" to become a pop star.

She told Digital Spy: "I found it quite sad to see that her team and her family weren't necessarily strong enough to save her.

"But it is what it is, and I still love her. She gave me a lot of hope and drive to do what I wanted to do."

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