Jesse Tyler Ferguson has surgery to remove skin cancer

'Modern Family' actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson recently underwent surgery after suffering a cancer scare.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson has surgery to remove skin cancer

Jesse Tyler Ferguson has had a skin cancer removed.

The 'Modern Family' actor posted a picture on Instagram after undergoing surgery showing him recovering with a large bandage on the right side of his face.

Despite having a cancer scare, Jesse was able to make a joke about his treatment.

Jesse wrote alongside the photo: "Thank you to Dr. Bennett & his entire team for taking the cancer out of my face. Good luck hiding the stitches tomorrow @modernfamily_makeuphair! (sic)"

Jesse completed his caption by adding some hash tags referring to his red hair and pale skin: "#youwannaapieceofme (sic) #phantommask #spf75."

He didn't go into further detail about the nature of the cancer.

Jesse is sure to have been supported by his husband Justin Mikita through the difficult time.

Justin is no stranger to the disease himself, having been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma at the age of 13. The 29 year old is now free of the disease but still has check ups every year to ensure his health.

Jesse and Justin frequently attend charity events to raise money for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

As they spoke to reporters at the Stand Up To Cancer event in 2014, Jesse revealed he and his spouse are always there for each other throughout every battle in their lives.

Jesse told E! News: "He was diagnosed when he was 13 and that's sort of an age when you don't really realise what's going on. He goes in once a year for his check-up to make sure he's still cancer free so he's always reminded of it.

"I think it does touch him in a lot of ways. He's thrilled that I'm here and I'm definitely representing him."

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