Jessica Alba: I teach my girls by doing

Jessica Alba is trying to teach her daughter to be more conscious of the environment by setting a good example with her own behaviour.

Jessica Alba: I teach my girls by doing

Jessica Alba wants to set a good example for her two daughters.

The 34-year-old actress is mother to seven-year-old Honor and four-year-old Haven with husband Cash Warren.

Her organisation The Honest Company is a hugely successful one with a strong eco-friendly message, and Jessica is hoping her girls will grow up knowing the important of caring for the environment.

She said: "My kids are my top priority. Their health and wellbeing come first. I try to teach my girls by doing.

"We fill water bottles instead of buying new ones, recycle and talk about what products are safe and unsafe for them and the earth."

As well as her company, Jessica is a hugely successful actress, and is famous for her slim figure.

She admits in the interview with Better Homes and Gardens that she stays on top of her busy schedule by kicking off each day with a morning workout session.

She added: "I'm healthy, but I don't go to extremes. I exercise for my mental health, but can mow through a box of cookies with the best of them."

Health is an important factor in Jessica's household, and she does her utmost to ensure her daughters have a balanced diet.

She continued: "We love, love, love to cook, and family dinner is mandatory Friday through Sunday. I wish I had more time from Monday to Thursday to make dinner, but the truth is, we rely on healthy food delivery when we have to."

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