Jessie J hits back at online bullies

British star Jessie J has hit out at some of her own fans, accusing them of being online bullies.

Jessie J hits back at online bullies

Jessie J has hit out at online bullies.

The 'Bang bang' hitmaker has taken to her Instagram account to condemn the behaviour of some of her fans, and has revealed she's taken to unfollowing them because of their actions.

In a lengthy message, she wrote: "I don't usually comment on this topic, but I know some of my fans will notice so I want to explain.

"I have just unfollowed all of the 7/8 fan pages I was following on Instagram. Not because I don't want to, I love seeing what you find and post. But because I have been seeing some real nasty behaviour when I show some of the fans I follow love or repost them."

Jessie explained her decision stemmed from the fact she "despises any type of bullying".

The 27-year-old star continued: "So I have decided to not follow any fans.

"I appreciate all my fans/heartbeats equally. But I won't tolerate bullying. Ever. So this isn't me throwing shade or forgetting you all or 'changing'.

"I am simply someone who wants to live in a supportive peaceful and kind world. So anything that hinders that, if I can do something to remove it I will."

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