Joan Collins: 'Christmas won't be the same without Jackie'

Joan Collins will spend Christmas with her late sister Jackie's children but admitted it won't be the same without her.

Joan Collins: 'Christmas won't be the same without Jackie'

Dame Joan Collins says Christmas will not be the same without her sister Jackie.

The 77-year-old author lost her battle with breast cancer earlier this year and while her older sibling Joan, 82, will spend the festive season with their brother Bill and Jackie's children, she admits it will be tough.

She said: "I'm still missing my sister a lot. Her children and her grandchildren miss her terribly, as does our brother, Bill.

"We were three siblings. We used to call ourselves the Three Musketeers. Her children are wonderful and we're all going to be together in London for Christmas having the traditional turkey and the cake and the presents. It won't be the same without Jackie, but we're gonna do it."

Joan previously revealed the family had originally planned to spend the festive season in Hawaii but changed their plans after Jackie died.

She said: "We're all devastated. We're all gonna be together for Christmas. We were all going to go to Hawaii, but of course we're not now, so we're all going to be in London. There's millions of us! I mean, Jackie had three children, six grandchildren, I've got three children, three grandchildren, they've all got partners and boyfriends, so we're all going to be together in my sister-in-law's house."

The 'Dynasty' star also praised the novelist's brave battle with breast cancer.

She added: "She was the most wonderful person. She was the best mother in the world."

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