John Legend: Chrissy is handling pregnancy so well

John Legend loves wife Chrissy Teigen's growing baby bump, insisting he thinks "she looks gorgeous all the time".

John Legend: Chrissy is handling pregnancy so well

John Legend says Chrissy Teigen is handling her changing shape "really well".

The 30-year-old model is expecting her first child with her 'All Of Me' singer husband.

She shared an Instagram video of her pregnancy figure on Tuesday (12.01.16), admitting her bump was almost as big as her bottom, but John insists she is learning to love her new body.

John explained: "For her, it's something to get used to when you've never had that experience before, but I think she's handling it really well. I think she looks gorgeous all the time."

As a successful model, Chrissy has always been slim and toned, but John says it has got to the point when her bump is taking over.

He added to People: "You can't hide it after awhile! A lot of times, it's tough because you're getting used to a different size."

Chrissy's burgeoning bump isn't the only thing changing in the Legend household. The 37-year-old singer is also having to make sure their house is baby friendly and ready for their new arrival, and has been getting advice from his friends that are already parents.

He said: "We're getting our house ready and trying to make sure we have everything set up so that we can go into that transition smoothly.

"I'm at that age where everybody is having kids. We get lots of good advice."

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