John Newman makes own clothes

John Newman likes to make his own clothes but has vowed not to take up knitting.

John Newman makes own clothes

John Newman makes his own clothes.

The 25-year-old singer can turn his hand to the sewing machine to run up some new garments, but draws the line at knitting his own jumpers.

He said: "I can sew and make my own clothes with my sewing machine, but I wouldn't take up knitting."

The 'Love Me Again' singer is renowned for his quiff hair style, and though he insists he doesn't spend very long getting ready, he does use an entire pot of gel on his locks every week.

He said: "I go through a tub of hair gel a week. It's quite a lot.

"I don't spend long on my do - five minutes at the most. I'm always rushing."

John is very proud of his Yorkshire roots and admits his perfect date would be a drive through the local countryside.

He told TOTP magazine: "The best thing about Yorkshire is the pride that comes with it. Good pasties, good fish and chips, good hills and good people with good morals.

"I've got a classic car, so for a perfect date I'd drive a girl to the North Yorkshire Dales for a romantic walk."

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