Johnny Depp in talks for Triple Frontier?

Johnny Depp is said to be in talks about starring in thriller 'Triple Frontier'.

Johnny Depp in talks for Triple Frontier?

Johnny Depp is reportedly in talks to star in 'Triple Frontier'.

The 'Black Mass' star is in early conversations with the director J.C. Chandor, known for taking the helm of 'A Most Violent Year,' about a leading role in the film, which is set on the borders of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, a place known as a sanctuary for organised crime.

Tom Hanks is also said to have been approached about a part whilst Will Smith declined an offer because of his commitment to 'Collateral Beauty'.

The film will be produced by Charles Roven and Alex Gartner whilst Mark Boal is responsible for the script, Variety reports.

Meanwhile, the 52-year-old actor previously revealed his auditioning has improved greatly over the years but still admits he "cannot stand" to see himself on screen.

He said: "I hate watching myself on screen. I can't stand it ... I was a young idiot. I recognised that this [auditioning] process really had far less to do with performance and far less to do with connecting.

"So in my mind I always thought, to put it in a very nice way, this is horses**t. It's an uncomfortable place to be where you feel you must be 'on.'"

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