Julianne Moore's family wish

Julianne Moore would have loved if her children - Caleb, 18, and Liv, 13 - could have lived abroad and experienced other cultures as they were growing up.

Julianne Moore's family wish

Julianne Moore wishes her children could have lived abroad.

The 'Still Alice' star - who has Caleb, 18, and Liv, 13, with husband Bart Freundlich - admits she would have loved if her kids could have travelled around in their younger years.

She said: "They haven't had the experience of living in another country. I do think that living in New York offers you access to things that you don't have in other places, and they have travelled a lot, but I really wish they had lived abroad at some point."

However, the 55-year-old actress has put herself on an travelling ban for extended periods whilst her youngest is still in school.

She added to The Telegraph newspaper: "You can go wherever you want, because they don't care where they are. Once they're in school, it's something else entirely. It's a different kind of engagement; it's more challenging. I can't go to Australia to shoot a movie for two months.

"It will be interesting when [having to turn down long shoots abroad] is no longer the case. But that's still four years away."

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