Juliette Lewis: I'm scared of love

Singer-and-actress Juliette Lewis has revealed she is scared of love.

Juliette Lewis: I'm scared of love

Juliette Lewis is scared of love.

The 42-year-old singer-and-actress - who previously dated Brad Pitt and was married to skateboarder Steve Berra for four years - worries about "letting someone in" and investing her feelings.

Asked what scares her, she said: "Oh man, love. The fear of letting someone in. I went through that recently."

And the 'Jem and the Holograms' star also confessed to being afraid of crowds, so uses the gigs she plays with her band The Licks as a "therapeutic exercise" that forces her to confront her fear.

She told ELLE magazine: "Also, crowds. I have a huge fear of crowds. The irony is that my band is a therapeutic exercise. I hurl myself into thousands of people."

Juliette admitted she doesn't cope well with too many rules, and feared she would accidentally swear when she met Britain's Queen Elizabeth.

She said: "I met the queen at one of her meet and greets. They told me not to cuss and I thought I was gonna have Tourette's and say, 'S**t, I forgot to say Your Majesty. Sorry!'

"If you give me too many rules, the rebel in me goes bananas."

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