Justin Bieber's impressive manhood praised

James Corden has reassured Justin Bieber that he has an impressive manhood after naked pictures of him were published.

Justin Bieber's impressive manhood praised

James Corden has praised Justin Bieber's impressive manhood.

After the 21-year-old singer claimed he had "shrinkage" in the naked pictures of him which were recently released, James insisted Justin had nothing to worry about.

He said: "There's no way there's shrinkage. All I know is that if I was packing that sort of heat I would rarely be clothed."

James' comments came on an episode of 'The Late Late Show' in which Justin returned for another episode of Carpool Karaoke and revealed his fears about the naked snaps taken in Bora Bora.

He said: "I first saw the picture it was covered - it had the censorship on it. So I'm like, 'Oh my god I don't know - I could have just come out of the water. I could have had shrinkage.'

"I was so nervous at this point so I finally find the unedited thing and I'm like... I'm still p****d because there's shrinkage."

Meanwhile, bad boy Justin showed off a softer side when he admitted he cries when watching 'The Notebook'.

Justin said the romantic movie - starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams - is one of his favourite films and leaves him emotional when he watches it.

After James asked him: "Is it true your favourite film is the 'The Notebook?' Does it make you cry?", Justin replied: "It's one of them. It did make me cry, I'm an emotional guy."

Justin also revealed he loves Alanis Morissette's 'Ironic' and likes to sing it when he's alone or in the shower.

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