Kacey Musgraves wants to write a Britney Spears inspired album

Country star Kacey Musgraves is a fan of Britney Spears and she wants to write an album of songs that "sound like" her hit 'Toxic'.

Kacey Musgraves wants to write a Britney Spears inspired album

Kacey Musgraves wants to write songs that "sound like 'Toxic' by Britney Spears".

The 27-year-old country singer is keen to record music of all different styles and would love to lay down an album of tracks that all had a pop vibe like Britney's smash hit.

Speaking at a special Royal Albert Hall workshop with aspiring young musicians ahead of her concert at the iconic London venue on Wednesday night (18.11.15), she said: "I'd like to do a whole record that sounds like 'Toxic' by Britney Spears, that kind of Western-style pop."

Kacey is also interested in writing and recording reggae songs because she's always loved the laid back genre.

She said: "I really love reggae music and I've always wanted to do a reggae project but in my own way: how I sing and with my words."

Kacey took part in the workshop as part of the Royal Albert Hall's Albert Sessions which is part of the venue's ground-breaking Education & Outreach programme - which brings music to more than 100,000 people each year, such as storytelling sessions aimed at infants to concerts in care homes.

During the event the 'Follow Your Arrow' hitmaker talked about her inspirations, her career and her craft, interspersed with performances of many of her best-loved and most acclaimed songs, explaining the sentiments and the techniques behind them. She finished with a performance of her debut single 'Merry Go 'Round'.

Kacey admitted getting to perform at the Royal Albert Hall

He said: "Tonight's show is just as much on the bucket list, a crazy moment, as it was opening for Kate Perry or duetting with Willie (Nelson). If the only thing I got to do in my career was play a sold-out show at the Royal Albert Hall, I would be totally floored. There are so many things happening like that, though, that you can't feel them all - sometimes it can be kind of numb."

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