Kate Hudson: Love is love is love

Kate Hudson is thrilled that she is able to see the man emerging from 12-year-old son Ryder, because it is an indication of her skills as a parent.

Kate Hudson: Love is love is love

Kate Hudson loves her little "patchwork family".

The 36-year-old actress is mother to 12-year-old son Ryder with ex-husband Chris Robinson and son Bingham, four, with her former fiancé Matt Bellamy.

While her family set up is perhaps not the most traditional, Kate insists she wouldn't change it for anything.

She said of her children: "The patchwork family. Love is love is love is love. I think, especially in today's age, that's a wonderful, comforting message to kids."

Kate is voicing a character in new movie 'Kung Fu Panda 3', and feels the film has a strong message for its young fans.

She added: "I think this [movie] is really about Po's identity, and finding out who he is, and then becoming his own person. That transition into becoming a little man. And I have that boy [Ryder] right now! I've got the tween. Po's a tween. It's an amazing time, going through puberty. You're figuring out, 'Who am I gonna be? What is my future?' You're just trying to really understand that you are your own person. It can be very scary and it can also be very exciting. That era of puberty is so huge. Especially for boys."

And Kate is more than excited to see Ryder come into his own as a little man.

She continued in the chat with PopSugar: "I also have these moments where I can see the work that you put in as a parent. You see where it pays off, and you also see like, 'Oh, maybe I should've been a little bit more strict on that one!' But you start to see the man emerge, and you can see their own fears start to pop up -- their anxieties. I think 'Kung Fu Panda 3' sorta does hit on that."

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