Kate Hudson's love advice

Kate Hudson has revealed she always gets relationship advice off her mother Goldie Hawn and admits she wishes she could have a similar relationship to Goldie and Kurt Russell.

Kate Hudson's love advice

Kate Hudson gets love advice from her mother.

The 'Almost Famous' star has revealed she relies on Goldie Hawn for advice about relationships and admits she wants to one day have a romance similar to Goldie and her long-time partner Kurt Russell.

She said: "I think what they have, in terms of connection, is really rare and beautiful and something to strive for. But it doesn't come without its stuff, [as do] all relationships."

When asked what the best advice her mother has given to her, she added to Entertainment Tonight: "Be true to yourself. When you're connected intimately [with someone], it's a huge time of growth. [You have to] accept what that is and to go there, even when it's uncomfortable, [that's] the time you learn the most about yourself."

Meanwhile, the 36-year-old actress previously admitted she is "enjoying" being single and looking after her two children - sons Ryder, 12 and Bingham, four.

She shared: "I'm very much enjoying being single. That's very nice. And being focused on work and kids is really nice ... I'm sort of finding out more things about myself, and my work is an important part of my life. And it's hard when you're a mom. When you have a young child, a lot of guilt comes with working a lot so I took a little bit of a backseat, which I'm glad I did. But now that Bing is a bit older, I'm working more and I'm finding it makes me very happy. Every situation is different. To create a nice relationship with an ex, the love has to change form. I think you just have to put your children first."

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