Kate Moss makes jam

Kate Moss has revealed she likes to make jam and has even named it Kate's Sweet and Sticky.

Kate Moss makes jam

Kate Moss makes jam.

The 41-year-old model has admitted she has a secret penchant for creating the delicious fruit preserve and has even given her damson spread a short and snappy name.

Speaking in a joint interview with Cara Delevingne, Kate told HELLO! magazine: "I make jam and oh my God, it is so delicious. My signature jam is damson or quince and it's called Kate's Sweet and Sticky. I'm a domestic goddess."

And the blonde beauty's homemade spread has even got the seal of approval from some tough critics as British chef Jamie Oliver's children Poppy, 13, Daisy, 12, Petal, six, Buddy, five, think it's "better" than their father's jam.

Kate - who has 13-year-old daughter Lila - explained: "I gave it to Jamie Oliver and his kids texted my kid the next day, saying: 'Oh, your mum's jam is really good, we just had some and it's better than Dad's.' Take that Jamie Oliver."

Meanwhile, Kate, who is known for her slender frame and long legs, also has a love for dance and has admitted she would like to become a ballerina in her next life.

She said: "Well in my next life, I'm going to be a rock star. I was a ballerina in my last life.

"No, a stripper in my last life and in my next life, I'll be a ballerina or a rock star, depending on how this one goes."

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