Kate Winslet's daughter wants to be an actress

Kate Winslet has revealed her 15-year-old daughter Mia wants to become an actress like her mother.

Kate Winslet's daughter wants to be an actress

Kate Winslet's daughter wants to become an actress.

The Oscar winner has revealed 15-year-old Mia wants to follow in her footsteps and Kate is very happy for her to join the family business.

When asked whether Mia has any interest in acting, Kate admitted: "She does very much so. There's a lot of positivity around it in our house and what I really enjoy is that she's grown up not just watching me do it, but also learning how to respect it and that's what's nice for me."

Kate lets her older kids - Mia, whose dad is filmmaker Jim Threapleton, and 11-year-old Joe, whose father is 'SPECTRE' director Sam Mendes - join her sometimes on her movie sets and she thinks it's wonderful she's been able to share her work with them.

During an appearance on UK TV show 'Lorraine', she said: "They don't sit and hang out and watch the monitor and have headphones on and treat the place like it's their own playground, they really come as a treat to work, and so they really observe and ask lots of questions. My son's father is a director so he gets to experience it a little bit with him too, it's an extraordinary world to live in. It's a wonderful job and I've been very fortunate and I wouldn't discourage them from whatever they chose to do. They certainly seem to be showing signs of being very interested."

Kate also has 23-month-old Bear with current husband Ned Rocknroll.

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