Katie Holmes rules out Dawson's Creek reunion

Katie Holmes doesn't think a 'Dawson's Creek' reunion would be a good idea.

Katie Holmes rules out Dawson's Creek reunion

Katie Holmes has ruled out a 'Dawson's Creek' reunion.

The 36-year-old actress found fame on the teen drama alongside James Van Der Beek, Joshua Jackson and Michelle Williams but admitted she doesn't want to ever make a return to playing Joey Potter as she doesn't think it would be fulfilling.

Katie said: "'[Dawson's Creek]' was such a special time in all of our lives [but] some things are better when it stays the way it was. I would love to get together with everybody, [but] I'm not sure a reunion would be as fulfilling as what we all want it to be. I'm game for anything. I don't really regret anything that I've done. I've learned from everything, and everything sort of leads you to the next place. I just keep going."

When it comes to her career, Katie loves to take risks.

She said: "I don't shy away from risks. I'm just interested in a lot of different things. I don't even think of it as a risk; I think of it as something exciting and new."

Meanwhile, the actress - who was previously married to Tom Cruise - also admitted becoming a parent to daughter Suri, now nine, changed her "completely" and credits her little girl for inspiring her to work even harder.

She told Ocean Drive magazine: "[Motherhood] changes you completely in such amazing ways, and I think that you become who you were meant to be.

"Being a parent also is a source of inspiration to just work really hard. You want to set an example - and, you know, [your kids] are what drives you."

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