Katie Price believes she's being tormented by ghosts

Katie Price has been told by mediums she has an "aura" that attracts ghosts and recently had to have her house "cleared" of spirits.

Katie Price believes she's being tormented by ghosts

Katie Price believes she is being plagued by ghosts who are attracted to her "aura".

The 37-year-old star had to call a ghostbuster to rid the nine-bedroom country mansion she lives at with her husband Kieran Hayler and her children of spooks after she started smelling smoke and being woken in the night at the same time every day.

Katie admits it's not the first she's had a paranormal experience and has been told by mediums she keeps being given the willies by the spooks because they are drawn to her energy.

During an appearance as a guest panellist on 'Loose Women', she said: "My house is haunted - actually most of my houses are haunted. When I've had mediums rounds they say it's me. I have an aura around me.

"At the house I'm in now, we kept waking up between 2am and 3am in the morning, hearing noises and stuff. Then we smelt smells.

Then the other day we smelt this smoke, so I Googled it, smoke smells, well pipe smoke to be specific. So we called someone in and they said the house had been cleared, that's what they said, and we haven't heard anything since."

Katie - who has son Jett, two, and 14-month-old daughter Bunny with Kieran and three other kids, Harvey, 13, Junior, 10, and Princess, eight, from previous relationships - also revealed the medium who came to help was quite an unusual person and she suspected the person was a cross-dresser.

When asked who she brought to her home to exorcise the supernatural presence, Katie replied: "I think it was a man dressed as woman but I wasn't quite sure."

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