Katie Price regrets taking overdose after split from Dane Bowers

Katie Price has opened up about the time she took an overdose after splitting from ex-boyfriend Dane Bowers and admits the pain she felt about the break-up totally consumed her emotions.

Katie Price regrets taking overdose after split from Dane Bowers

Katie Price regrets taking an overdose when she split from her ex-boyfriend Dane Bowers after becoming fixated on the idea he was "obsessed" with Victoria Beckham.

The 37-year-old star dated the former Another Level singer from 1998 to 2000 and when their relationship ended she "stupidly" tried to win him back by taking pills and calling him up for "attention".

Katie admits at the time she was young and foolish and before their break-up she had wrongly convinced herself that Dane had a developed a huge crush on Victoria when they worked together on August 2000 single 'Out Of Your Mind' even though Victoria was married to soccer superstar David Beckham.

Thankfully, Katie didn't do herself any permanent damage when she took the overdose but realises it was a crazy thing to do.

During her appearance on daytime chat show 'Loose Women' today (22.01.16), she said: "Lots of people try and do things make their exes jealous. But at the end of the day they've seen what you're really like, so if you try and look different or go with their mates if they don't want to know you they don't want to know you.

"When I was younger stupidly enough, I wanted my ex Dane Bowers back and stupidly I took an overdose to get him back - you do these things for attention. It is a massive thing, it does not work, but I was young and naive, if anyone was speaking to me just do not do it.

"He worked with Victoria Beckham and I thought something was going on, I thought is he obsessed with her. It ended up being her friend so my paranoia was right."

Katie - who now has five children and is married to third husband Kieran Hayler - regrets the whole episode and can only explain her actions on the fact she was so "heartbroken" to lose Dane, who she was convinced was the "love of her life" at the time.

She added: "I was so heartbroken and I used to say he was the love of my life, I used to say that without realising cause I now consider Kieran to be the love of my life. Dane broke my heart but it only made me stronger. It has helped me to deal with certain situations. I think having your heartbroken is an awful feeling, you can't explain it."

Dane previously admitted his "heart dropped" on the evening when Katie called him to say she had taken an overdose.

The 5th Story star recalled: "We broke up in my car and Katie took it hard. She was still staying at my flat in south London, and one evening I got a call from her while I was out. Her speech was slurred and she told me she had 'done something stupid' and taken an overdose. My heart dropped. I rushed round to find paramedics tending to her and then they took her to hospital and pumped her stomach. She had taken paracetamol and anything she could find. I went to visit her in the hospital and when I arrived she was clutching a picture of us."

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