Katy Perry hosts Home Alone holiday screening

Katy Perry hosted a private screening of 'Home Alone' for her friends and family earlier this week as her holiday party.

Katy Perry hosts Home Alone holiday screening

Katy Perry dressed everyone in matching onesies to watch 'Home Alone' at her holiday party this week.

The 31-year-old singer reportedly hired out Los Angeles' Vista Theatre to screen the 1990 movie for over 100 of her family and friends.

A source told Us Weekly magazine: "It's one of Katy's favourite holiday movies. So she decided to screen it as her holiday party this year."

"Everyone there was people from her original crew. Katy was milling about in the lobby. At the beginning of the screening, she said, 'Thanks for coming. I'm bad at public speaking. Enjoy the movie!' "

While Katy's celebrity friends were noticeably absent from the event, her parents were in attendance.

Guests were treated to pizza, popcorn and candy to snack on during the film, with hot toddies for the adults and hot chocolate for the children to keep themselves fully fuelled.

There was also a dress code for the night, with everyone dressed in matching onesies designed by the 'Roar' singer.

The source added: "Everyone got a onesie Katy designed with Beloved to put on when they got there. Even Katy wore one!"

Katy teamed up with the company earlier this year to create the one pieces, which retail at $130 for adults and $100 for children.

The singer is known for her unique sense of style and recently revealed that if she hadn't made it as a singer, she would probably have ended up as a stylist.

Katy told America's People magazine: "I'd probably want to work in the fashion industry. I would probably be a stylist. I love creating looks; I do it with all my girlfriends."

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