Kelly Osbourne feared for life on flight

Kelly Osbourne was petrified her plane would come down during a rocky flight from Australia to Los Angeles.

Kelly Osbourne feared for life on flight

Kelly Osbourne thought she would die on a plane from Australia

The 31-year-old star and her travel companion Melinda Varga gripped each other's hands and panicked during the 15 hour long flight to Los Angeles, after experiencing the "worst turbulence ever", and she was convinced it would be her "last day on earth".

The star posted on Instagram "Never been so scared in our lives! @melindavargainoz & I just experienced the worst turbulence EVER! we held hands so tight our hands swelled up & I think my wrist is sprained! I genuinely thought this would be my last day on earth. Thank god we were together & we have landed safely! All I want is my mum right now."

Kelly been busy Down Under filming scenes down under for the upcoming series of 'Australia's Got Talent' and it's not been a smooth few days for the new judge.

Earlier this week, Kelly was on her way to filming when she realised she couldn't remember where she had parked her car.

Realising she was going to be late for filming, quick-thinking Kelly jumped in a rickshaw to get to the studio as quick as she could.

On Instagram, she posted: "Look how I showed up to work today because I could not find my car! The fresh air was amazing @gottalentau (sic)"

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