Kelly Osbourne's dogs' dinner dilemma

Kelly Osbourne has had to start feeding her pet dog Sid on the couch because her other mutt Nancy steals his food if they eat on the floor together.

Kelly Osbourne's dogs' dinner dilemma

Kelly Osbourne has to separate her dogs at dinner time otherwise it becomes feeding frenzy.

The 30-year-old star pet Pomeranian Nancy is so greedy when it comes to food she will steal Kelly's other pooch Sid's snacks, leaving the miniature hound hungry.

But Kelly has come up with a solution to stop the mutt meal time mayhem, she now feeds Sid on the couch because diminutive dog Nancy is too small to climb up and burrow into his bowl.

Posting a photo of Sid eating on top of the couch on Instagram, Kelly revealed: "#Nancy loves food so much I have to feed #Sid on the couch! She won't leave him alone! (sic)"

It's nice to see Kelly sticking up for Sid as Nancy has appeared to be the former 'Fashion Police' star's favourite dog in recent weeks.

The famous beauty - whose parents are Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne - has even been taking Nancy to work with her when she records voice parts for the new series of 'The 7D'.

Kelly - who voices the fashionista villain Hildy Gloom in the Disney XD cartoon series - previously revealed: "All the fun & excitement while in the booth recording #The7D #Hildy for #Disney has knocked #Nancy (sic)"

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