Kelly Rutherford wants her kids to be happy

Kelly Rutherford has revealed that despite losing a custody battle for nine-year-old Hermes and six-year-old Helena, all she wants is for them to be happy.

Kelly Rutherford wants her kids to be happy

Kelly Rutherford wants her children to be happy.

The former 'Gossip Girl' star recently lost a custody battle against her ex-husband Daniel Giersch over the care of their children, nine-year-old Hermes and six-year-old Helena and whilst she feels incredibly upset by the decision, she hopes it will be an example to others.

She told Romania's ELLE magazine: "Children need both parents. You do not want to make them suffer. I hope that this story be an example to others ... Now, I want them to be happy, to know that they are loved. No matter how long it takes this, I want them to know the truth.

"I know that if I find my peace, they will benefit ... talk about love because I hope that is what will make them stronger. When all this is over, I hope that they will look back and have the impression that it was not as bad as it was, actually. I do not want them to feel everything. There are good people and generous and funny. Perhaps activists will increase because of this situation. I hope that something good will come of it."

Meanwhile, the 47-year-old star previously revealed she wants to "do better".

A post on her Instagram read: "Dear world - we can do better and we will. That's All. And that's everything."

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