Kelly Rutherford will 'do better'

Kelly Rutherford has vowed to "do better" in the wake of custody of her children being granted to her ex-husband.

Kelly Rutherford will 'do better'

Kelly Rutherford has vowed to "do better".

The 'Gossip Girl' actress' ex-husband Daniel Giersch was awarded custody of their children Hermes, nine, and Helena, six, earlier this week following a three-year custody battle, and though she hasn't directly spoken out about the situation, she has been posting motivational messages on her Instagram account.

She posted a piece of word art, which read: "Dear world - we can do better and we will. That's All. And that's everything."

And the 47-year-old star is also trying to stay "peaceful".

Another post read: "Choose and direct yourself to be peaceful inside regardless of what's happening outside."

A Monaco court ruled the children must stay in the principality with their father, with Kelly's visitation limited to seeing them only in Monaco or France.

The former couple must make decisions concerning the children's "health, schooling, religious education and any change of residence" jointly, and the two children will spend half of Christmas, spring and summer vacations with each parent, but their father will also have them for all of All Saints and the winter.

Kelly will receive a total of 3000 euros ($3,281) a month in maintenance.

The actress has fought to regain custody of Hermes and Helena since she lost them in a 2012 judgement she previously described as "shocking, illegal and abusive".

The dispute reached a head when Kelly refused to send her kids back to Daniel in Monaco after they spent the summer with her in the United States. A judge subsequently ordered for the kids to be sent back.

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