Kendall Jenner rides London Underground

Kendall Jenner has shocked fans after she was filmed riding the Underground last week when she touched down at London Heathrow from Paris, France.

Kendall Jenner rides London Underground

Kendall Jenner rode the London Underground last week.

The 19-year-old model, who usually travels via private jet or in first class, hopped on the chaotic mode of transport after she arrived at London Heathrow airport from Paris, France.

Taking to her website, the reality TV star uploaded a short clip of herself jumping on the train with her suitcase in tow after the sliding doors opened at the station.

She captioned the video: "A little taste of what my sisters and I were up to on live stream this week!"

Dressed in a smart black trouser suit with a pair of chunky headphones slipped over her ears, Kendall was bursting with excitement as she clung on to the handrails, while flashing her beaming white smile to the camera.

Despite her celebrity status, her fellow commuters seemed to be unfazed by her presence as they gazed out of the window and continued with their journey through the capital.

Kendall, who has become an in-demand model over the past two years, jetted into London last week after spending a few days working with Chanel boss Karl Lagerfeld.

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty - who strutted her stuff for designer brands Chanel, Balmain and Calvin Klein at numerous fashion weeks around the world last month, recently admitted her globe-trotting career is "exhausting."

She said previously: "I've learned that modelling isn't as easy as everyone thinks. There are a ton of early mornings and late nights--it's exhausting. And there's a lot of travelling... I have thought, 'What if it doesn't all work out, what else would I do?' I haven't figured it out just yet, but that's okay because I'm still young."

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