Kerry Katona is still 'madly in love' with husband George Kay

Kerry Katona has admitted she is still "madly in love" with her estranged husband George Kay and doesn't yet feel ready to take off her wedding ring, despite splitting from him in October.

Kerry Katona is still 'madly in love' with husband George Kay

Kerry Katona is still "madly in love" with estranged husband George Kay.

The Atomic Kitten singer split from her third spouse in October after 11 months of marriage following his arrest for allegedly assaulting her at their marital home and has endured a tough few weeks since dumping him.

Despite what happened between them, Kerry admits she still has strong feelings for George and is still wearing her wedding ring because she can't make a clean break yet.

In an emotional appearance on 'Loose Women', she said: "I'm still madly in love with him and I'm still married to him but sometimes things have got to come to an end.

"I'm still wearing my wedding ring. Have you not seen how beautiful they are? I'm not ready to take them off yet ... I don't regret my marriage to George at all."

Kerry also hasn't completely ruled out a reconciliation with George - with whom she has 17-month-old daughter Dylan with.

When asked if she would consider taking George back, a teary Kerry replied: "I haven't got a crystal ball."

The 35-year-old star also reiterated her belief she won't marry a different man in the future and believes her three unions have failed because she has "really bad taste" in guys.

She said: "I love being married. As a child, being the only child and not having a dad and being in foster homes and things, I think my main goal as a child, more than being famous was ... to be married.

"I don't (blame myself for my marriages ending) but I just think look at my record, I must have really bad taste. I'm an amazing mum and I won't let anybody knock me down for that. I know I've made mistakes in the past but my kids are so well looked after, they are so polite and well mannered and very well educated."

Kerry - who has four other kids, Molly, 14, and Lilly-Sue, 12, her daughters with first husband Brian McFadden, and daughter Heidi, eight, and seven-year-old son Max with second spouse Mark Croft - also praised her long-time pal Katie Price for her unwavering support in the wake of her break-up from George.

She said: "I had Junior at my house, Heidi was at Katie's house and neither one of them wanted to go home. She's a really good friend Kate."

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