Kid Rock proud to be a grandfather

Kid Rock is proud to be a grandfather and his friends tell him he is lucky to be young enough to see all his granddaughter's milestones.

Kid Rock proud to be a grandfather

Kid Rock thinks being a grandfather gives him "redneck street cred".

The 45-year-old musician's friends all tell him he is "lucky" to be such a young grandparent as he won't miss any of his granddaughter's milestones and though he admits the situation is "crazy", he is very proud of his son Robert Jr., who he has raised as a single parent.

Asked about becoming a grandfather at 43, he said: "Well, it keeps my redneck street cred in good standing, right? Maybe even my hip-hop street cred, if I have any of that left.

"I'm enjoying it.

"Listen, my son graduated college and he has a job. That alone, as a parent, is such a relief. I can't imagine what the f**k I put my parents through.

"Now I have a beautiful granddaughter, on top of it? It's pretty crazy.

"My friends say, 'How lucky are you, to be able to see your granddaughter do so much stuff? You'll be at her wedding.'

"So many things you might not see if you have kids later in life, which seems to be the trend now for most responsible adults."

After all his years in the music industry, the 'All Summer Long' hitmaker - whose real name is Robert Ritchie - has learned to be "cool" with everyone, even if he doesn't appreciate what they do, and only wants to hang out with good people.

Asked his life lessons, he told Rolling Stone magazine: "Don't be a d**k. I try to be cool with everybody. Even if it's somebody where you don't really appreciate what they do, like if it's a band whose music you don't like.

"I think I got all of that out of my system when I was young anyway.

"I walked around flipping everyone off, telling them to go f**k themselves.

"Also, don't hang out with a**holes. If you surround yourself with good people, everything else is going to work itself out.

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